Can't Login using Facebook on iOS?

“Error Signing In. Could not communicates with the server!

The operation couldn’t be completed.”


When you get such errors while trying to log into your Facebook account on any of the iOS devices; you will be less worried. Facebook can be easily use one your iOS device, be it iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches without any problem. You will not find any problem while signing in, yet there could be any technical error which could be a problem.

If you experience any error with your Facebook account, while logging in; you can easily get it fixed. Use these simple tips and find the solution for most of your problems.

Use correct username and password

You should use the correct user name and password while trying to log into your Facebook account. This is a very common error while logging in. Users mistakenly using the incorrect user name and password; you couldn’t use it with incorrect account credentials. This is really required to further process for troubleshooting.

Using correct credentials but still sign in error

This is really annoying when you are trying to connect your Facebook account with correct credentials but still getting the error. You can find a solution with resetting the Network Settings. This will fix the any temporary error in your iOS device.


Use a different internet browser

Sometimes the browser compatibility with a particular browser creates problem while signing in with your Facebook account. You can go for any other internet browser apart from your conventional Safari. You can use Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’ Firefox for logging into your Facebook account.


Restart the app/browser/iOS device

Sometimes, the issue lies in your application, browser or iOS interface. You can easily fix it by restarting the app or browser or your device. This will fix any temporary error; you will be able to use your Facebook account once again.

Check the device date/time

iOS is a little sensitive with the date and time; if your device’s date and time are incorrect, you can’t use it. In order to fix this error, you can go to settings on your iOS device and then change the correct date and time. You also need to make sure that it is on automatically toggled ON.

When you couldn’t be able to fix it; You can call and take instant help from Facebook customer support toll-free number. They have the expert team to understand your concern and give appropriate solution.


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