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POP access settings and instructions for Yahoo Mail

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Post Office Protocol i.e (POP) is the best way to get Yahoo Mail in a mobile app or desktop. Furthermore, POP helps in making downloads copies of your Yahoo email. And you can also move and delete them in the app without disturbing the original emails of yours.

POP settings for Yahoo Mail are:

Incoming Mail (POP) Server

Server -

Port - 995

Requires SSL - Yes


Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

Server -

Port - 465 or 587

Requires SSL - Yes

Requires TLS - Yes (if available)

Requires authentication - Yes


Login info

Email address - Your full email address

Password - Your account's password.

Requires authentication – Yes

And here are the setup instructions and POP information for Outlook 2013 or 2016:


If Yahoo users need - How To Regain Your Hacked Yahoo Email?


Steps for automatically detecting and setting up an internet mail:


  • Open your Outlook.
  • After that choose File tab.
  • Now, in the info category, choose Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Next, on the Email tab, you need to select New.
  • Then after, in the Add New Account dialog box, for configuring the new email account automatically, you need to configure the following settings in the Email Account category under the Auto Account Setup:
  • Initially, in your Name box, simply type your complete name.
  • After that, in the Email Address box, just type your e-mail address.
  • Now, in the Password box, you have to type the password that ISP has provided.
  • In the Retype Password box, you need to retype the password, and enter Next for beginning the Auto Account Setup procedure.
  • Choose Finish > Close.


Thunderbird setup instructions for Yahoo Mail

For manually configuring a Thunderbird account, you need to have the following information:


  • Outgoing mail server and port.
  • Incoming mail server and port.


  • Security setting for the connection with the server.



  • You need to first of all, open the Account Settings (Tools > Account Settings).
  • Enter the Account Actions button and choose Add Mail Account.
  • You have to enter your email account details and then enter Continue. With this, a Thunderbird will try to find out your account settings.
  • You have to press the Stop button for aborting the lookup, then edit the port, server names, & IMAP/POP, and enter Manual Configuration for manually set up the account.


For any doubt related to these steps, assistance of a Yahoo email support professional team can be taken.

How to Sort Out MSN Email Common Issues?

How to Fix Common Issues in MSN Mail?

No matter what email service you use, some common issues are always going to come up every now and then. Similar is the case with MSN Mail. MSN Mail also presents some common issues to the users sometimes. Some of these issues are easy to fix while some requires assistance from an expert. Below we have listed solution for some of the most common issues faced by users in MSN Mail.

Solution to Common Issues in MSN Mail

1.) Hacked Account

If you notice some suspicious activities in your account like emails sent to your contacts, account settings changed, or payment receipt emails in your inbox, or if you are not able to sign in to your account even after entering the correct username and password, the chances are that someone hacked your account and changed the password.

In such case you can recover your hacked account by changing the password of your MSN Mail account (if you can access it) or you can reset the password of your account (if you can’t access it).

Change Password

  • Go to your profile name > View account > change password.
  • Provide the information to receive a code and enter the code on the subsequent window to change your password.

 Reset Password

  • Go to Microsoft Sign-in page and enter your username. Click Next.
  • On the next screen, click Forgot my Password link and select option I think someone else is using my Microsoft account on the prompted window. Select reason from the list and click Next.
  • Enter the captcha shown on the next screen and click Next.
  • Select one of the options to receive a security code and enter it on the subsequent screen to reset your new MSN password.

Read more :- Click @ to recover MSN mail account password

2.) File Attachment Issue

File attachment failure is another one of the most common issues faced by MSN Mail users. To fix the problem verify your attachment for the following:

  • Make sure the file size is not exceeding the limit allowed in MSN Mail.
  • Remove add-ons or plug-ins from your browser that might be interfering with the file attachment.
  • No special characters should be there in the title of the file to be attached.
  • Make sure any security program like antivirus, firewall settings or internet security is interfering with file attachment. Add exception to MSN Mail if required.
  • Compress the file to Zip if the file extension is the reason for the issue. 

3.) Unable to Find MSN Emails

For Missing Sent Messages

If you are unable to locate the copies of your messages in your Sent Messages folder or in the folders where you stored them, following steps can help you retrieve them back:

  • Select Mail & More option from the icons’ menu locate at the top.
  • Click each of the Sent Messages folders located under Folders on MSN and Folders on your Computer to check if copies of your emails are there.
  • If the emails are not present there, click Help & Settings icon to select E-Mail Settings.
  • Now, Click Email options and ensure that both of these options are checked:

Save a copy of each sent message in the Sent Messages folder

Save a copy of each sent message in the Sent Messages folder on this computer

If both of the options are already checked, and you are unable to see copies of your sent emails in Sent Messages folders, it may be because the emails would have been moved into other folders.

Emails Stored in other Folder

  • Select every folder that you find under your inbox in Folders on MSN and also under Folders on my computer.
  •  If you remember details about the email, you can search for particular email by selecting the Mail & More. Click Find a specific message and enter the details in fields like From, Subject, or Message.
  • Click Find Now and check the displayed result.

So these are some of the MSN Mail’s common issues along with their solution that users generally face and look answer for.

For any other issues in your MSN Mail, you can always seek professional assistance. or contact on MSN customer tech support help desk phone number .

How to Fix Common Dell Printer Issue in Windows 10?

Since Windows 10 came into an existence, Microsoft is asking everyone to upgrade to the Windows 10.The upgrade to the Windows 10 is available for free for the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users worldwide. Whenever you upgrade to the Windows 10 suddenly from the Windows 7 or Windows 8, you may face some of the compatibility issues like Printer isn’t working properly, Printer can’t be found or unable to configure printer etc. If you have a Dell Printer and you have upgraded to the Windows 10 recently, then you are at the very right place as you will see how to fix the common Dell Printer issues in Windows 10.

The best way to troubleshoot the issue is to uninstall the existing Dell Printer driver and re-install it again.  There are four ways available by which the Dell Printer drivers can be upgraded.

  1. By Device Manager
  2. By Windows Update
  3. Optical Media
  4. Official Dell Support Centre

By the Device Manager:  You can easily update the existing printer driver via Device Manager. Before you go ahead and start the installation make sure that you have a good internet connection and all the cables (USB cable from the Printer to the system, Power cord etc.) are connected firmly.

  1. Type the “Device Manager” without quotes at the search bar, next to the “Start” button.
  2. Find the “Dell Printer” and expand it. Right click on it and choose “Update Driver
  3. It will search the appropriate driver online and will update it accordingly.

 By Windows Update: Dell Printer Drivers can also be updated with the Windows Update.

  1. Type Windows Update at the search bar and Choose “Check for Updates
  2. You may have to wait for a while; Windows will find the latest available updates. If you see an update for your Dell Printer, press the “install updates” button.

Optical Media:  You must have received an optical disk (CD/DVD) with your Dell Printer when you bought it for the first time. Check the box carefully again and find out the optical disk.

See Also :-

  1. Insert the optical disk into the optical drive. If there isn’t an inbuilt optical drive, you can also use the external optical drive as well.
  2. Make sure that system and printer both are connected to the network either through an Ethernet or Wireless connection.
  3. Go to the optical drive and find out the executable file and double-click on it.
  4. Follow the onscreen instruction and install the Dell Printer Drivers.

 Official Dell Support Centre: This is the most reliable and recommended method to update or install the Dell Printer Drivers. Ensure a stable and an active Internet connection to the system and to the Dell Printer.

  1. Visit the Dell Support Centre
  2. Enter the Service Tag Number or Download  and install the Dell System Detect Application
  3. Choose the correct product and printer type.
  4. Choose the operating system.
  5. Download the appropriate Dell Printer Drivers.
  6. To install, double-click on the downloaded file.

Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation.

Follow our website or dial toll free number of dell printer technical support .

How to download Facebook messenger on phone

Facebook Messenger commonly known as Messenger is an instant messaging application available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is used for sending and receiving instant messages along with the audio/video calling, location sharing, Money Transfer (The US only as of now), SMS, play games etc. The best part about the Messenger is, it is absolutely free.

Let’s see how we can switch to Facebook Messenger on our phone.

For ios/iPhone/iPad/iPod: If you are a diehard apple fan follow the instructions below to download Messenger in your device with ios.

(1)    Unlock your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

(2)    Go to the “App Store

(3)    If you aren’t signed in to iCloud. Sign-in

(4)    Press the “Search” button and type “Messenger” in the search bar.

(5)    Next to the application Press “Get” or “Cloud like icon”

(6)    Authenticate your identity by your thumb or fingerprint.

(7)    Messenger will be downloaded very shortly to your device.

(8)    Press “Open” Sign-in

(9)    You are ready to go.

For Android:  Android fans need not to get worried as Messenger is also works on Android devices. Keep following to know about how you download Messenger in your Android phone.

(1)    Open the Google Play Store.

(2)    At the search bar Slowly type “Messenger

(3)    Once you find the application Press “Install

(4)    The Messenger will be installed in your device.

(5)    Now tap on “Open

(6)    Sign-in to the Messenger using either your Facebook account or mobile number.

(7)    You are ready to use Messenger on your Android mobile phone or tablet.


Messenger has a huge database of users and at times users do experience issues in it. It has been noticed that Messenger eats memory and consume so much of battery life. Some of the common problems have been seen as people can’t send or receive messages; earlier messages have been disappeared and Facebook Messenger not working properly on Phone . Make sure you have good network coverage and you have updated the latest version of the application. Some time if the storage capacity of the device is nearly full you may experience in installing it especially on the Android platform. If you are the one who is experiencing the same issue kindly uninstall some unnecessary apps and data which aren’t as important as you think. Try re-installing the app it shall work fine.

Are you facing any issues while downloading or installing Messenger on your phone? Don’t worry at all as one call does it all.Contact on our Facebook Messenger Technical helpdesk or Contact facebook support toll free helpline number . They are available 24*7 and will help you to get rid of the issues you are facing. 

Read more about facebook help like facebook vidoe chat issue and solution then follow this link below here :- 


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Can't Login using Facebook on iOS?

“Error Signing In. Could not communicates with the server!

The operation couldn’t be completed.”


When you get such errors while trying to log into your Facebook account on any of the iOS devices; you will be less worried. Facebook can be easily use one your iOS device, be it iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches without any problem. You will not find any problem while signing in, yet there could be any technical error which could be a problem.

If you experience any error with your Facebook account, while logging in; you can easily get it fixed. Use these simple tips and find the solution for most of your problems.

Use correct username and password

You should use the correct user name and password while trying to log into your Facebook account. This is a very common error while logging in. Users mistakenly using the incorrect user name and password; you couldn’t use it with incorrect account credentials. This is really required to further process for troubleshooting.

Using correct credentials but still sign in error

This is really annoying when you are trying to connect your Facebook account with correct credentials but still getting the error. You can find a solution with resetting the Network Settings. This will fix the any temporary error in your iOS device.


Use a different internet browser

Sometimes the browser compatibility with a particular browser creates problem while signing in with your Facebook account. You can go for any other internet browser apart from your conventional Safari. You can use Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’ Firefox for logging into your Facebook account.


Restart the app/browser/iOS device

Sometimes, the issue lies in your application, browser or iOS interface. You can easily fix it by restarting the app or browser or your device. This will fix any temporary error; you will be able to use your Facebook account once again.

Check the device date/time

iOS is a little sensitive with the date and time; if your device’s date and time are incorrect, you can’t use it. In order to fix this error, you can go to settings on your iOS device and then change the correct date and time. You also need to make sure that it is on automatically toggled ON.

When you couldn’t be able to fix it; You can call and take instant help from Facebook customer support toll-free number. They have the expert team to understand your concern and give appropriate solution.


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