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How to download Facebook messenger on phone

Facebook Messenger commonly known as Messenger is an instant messaging application available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is used for sending and receiving instant messages along with the audio/video calling, location sharing, Money Transfer (The US only as of now), SMS, play games etc. The best part about the Messenger is, it is absolutely free.

Let’s see how we can switch to Facebook Messenger on our phone.

For ios/iPhone/iPad/iPod: If you are a diehard apple fan follow the instructions below to download Messenger in your device with ios.

(1)    Unlock your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

(2)    Go to the “App Store

(3)    If you aren’t signed in to iCloud. Sign-in

(4)    Press the “Search” button and type “Messenger” in the search bar.

(5)    Next to the application Press “Get” or “Cloud like icon”

(6)    Authenticate your identity by your thumb or fingerprint.

(7)    Messenger will be downloaded very shortly to your device.

(8)    Press “Open” Sign-in

(9)    You are ready to go.

For Android:  Android fans need not to get worried as Messenger is also works on Android devices. Keep following to know about how you download Messenger in your Android phone.

(1)    Open the Google Play Store.

(2)    At the search bar Slowly type “Messenger

(3)    Once you find the application Press “Install

(4)    The Messenger will be installed in your device.

(5)    Now tap on “Open

(6)    Sign-in to the Messenger using either your Facebook account or mobile number.

(7)    You are ready to use Messenger on your Android mobile phone or tablet.


Messenger has a huge database of users and at times users do experience issues in it. It has been noticed that Messenger eats memory and consume so much of battery life. Some of the common problems have been seen as people can’t send or receive messages; earlier messages have been disappeared and Facebook Messenger not working properly on Phone . Make sure you have good network coverage and you have updated the latest version of the application. Some time if the storage capacity of the device is nearly full you may experience in installing it especially on the Android platform. If you are the one who is experiencing the same issue kindly uninstall some unnecessary apps and data which aren’t as important as you think. Try re-installing the app it shall work fine.

Are you facing any issues while downloading or installing Messenger on your phone? Don’t worry at all as one call does it all.Contact on our Facebook Messenger Technical helpdesk or Contact facebook support toll free helpline number . They are available 24*7 and will help you to get rid of the issues you are facing. 

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