How to Create a Signature in Hotmail

Adding signature is the best way to add a personal touch in your mail. Now day’s signature has become the mandatory part of any personal or corporate email. You can add your name, your contacts or a witty quote or a little self-marketing trick in the signature. Witty and attractive signature is the best way to make a common email looks attractive. People can distinguish your email from other if you have an exceptional signature.  If you don’t know about the signature in Hotmail, let us know you about this wonderful service.

What is a Signature in Hotmail?

Signature is a pre-saved part of an email. You need to create your signature which contains your name, profession and designation, website address, contact details, social media profile links or any witty or social message. And this signature will appear automatically on any mail you send from that account.

How to Create a Signature in Hotmail?

Microsoft Hotmail offers different types and size of fonts to enhance the readability. You can even hyperlink some portion of the digital signature. Now follow this walkthrough to create a signature in your Hotmail account.   

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  1. Open Hotmail and sign in to your account to access the inbox.
  2. In the right side of the screen, you can see the tab ‘Option’.
  3. By clicking on the ‘Option’, you can see ‘More Option’ button.
  4. From the ‘More Option’ you can open the ‘Hotmail Options’.
  5. Now click on the ‘Message font and signature’ which is located in the ‘Writing Email’ section. This section will display two panes. The lower pane is named ‘Personal Signature’ where you will add your digital signature.
  6. Just beside the Red underlined A, there is the Mode tab from where you can choose the Rich text.
  7. Now you have to write down your own signature in the pane area. You can customize it by selecting different font type and size and can adjust the layout.   
  8. Then you have to save the settings of the digital signature by clicking on ‘Save’ in ‘Hotmail Option’.
  9. Now you have to go to the inbox.
  10. Click on the ‘New’ tab to open a new message where you can check the signature.
  11. If you want to edit this signature, then follow the above-stated procedure and go to the ‘Personal Signature’ pane to edit it.
  12. Microsoft Hotmail does not support standard signature delimiter automatically but you can add it in time of composing the digital signature.

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