How to Fix Common Dell Printer Issue in Windows 10?

Since Windows 10 came into an existence, Microsoft is asking everyone to upgrade to the Windows 10.The upgrade to the Windows 10 is available for free for the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users worldwide. Whenever you upgrade to the Windows 10 suddenly from the Windows 7 or Windows 8, you may face some of the compatibility issues like Printer isn’t working properly, Printer can’t be found or unable to configure printer etc. If you have a Dell Printer and you have upgraded to the Windows 10 recently, then you are at the very right place as you will see how to fix the common Dell Printer issues in Windows 10.

The best way to troubleshoot the issue is to uninstall the existing Dell Printer driver and re-install it again.  There are four ways available by which the Dell Printer drivers can be upgraded.

  1. By Device Manager
  2. By Windows Update
  3. Optical Media
  4. Official Dell Support Centre

By the Device Manager:  You can easily update the existing printer driver via Device Manager. Before you go ahead and start the installation make sure that you have a good internet connection and all the cables (USB cable from the Printer to the system, Power cord etc.) are connected firmly.

  1. Type the “Device Manager” without quotes at the search bar, next to the “Start” button.
  2. Find the “Dell Printer” and expand it. Right click on it and choose “Update Driver
  3. It will search the appropriate driver online and will update it accordingly.

 By Windows Update: Dell Printer Drivers can also be updated with the Windows Update.

  1. Type Windows Update at the search bar and Choose “Check for Updates
  2. You may have to wait for a while; Windows will find the latest available updates. If you see an update for your Dell Printer, press the “install updates” button.

Optical Media:  You must have received an optical disk (CD/DVD) with your Dell Printer when you bought it for the first time. Check the box carefully again and find out the optical disk.

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  1. Insert the optical disk into the optical drive. If there isn’t an inbuilt optical drive, you can also use the external optical drive as well.
  2. Make sure that system and printer both are connected to the network either through an Ethernet or Wireless connection.
  3. Go to the optical drive and find out the executable file and double-click on it.
  4. Follow the onscreen instruction and install the Dell Printer Drivers.

 Official Dell Support Centre: This is the most reliable and recommended method to update or install the Dell Printer Drivers. Ensure a stable and an active Internet connection to the system and to the Dell Printer.

  1. Visit the Dell Support Centre
  2. Enter the Service Tag Number or Download  and install the Dell System Detect Application
  3. Choose the correct product and printer type.
  4. Choose the operating system.
  5. Download the appropriate Dell Printer Drivers.
  6. To install, double-click on the downloaded file.

Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation.

Follow our website or dial toll free number of dell printer technical support .


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