How to Sort Out MSN Email Common Issues?

How to Fix Common Issues in MSN Mail?

No matter what email service you use, some common issues are always going to come up every now and then. Similar is the case with MSN Mail. MSN Mail also presents some common issues to the users sometimes. Some of these issues are easy to fix while some requires assistance from an expert. Below we have listed solution for some of the most common issues faced by users in MSN Mail.

Solution to Common Issues in MSN Mail

1.) Hacked Account

If you notice some suspicious activities in your account like emails sent to your contacts, account settings changed, or payment receipt emails in your inbox, or if you are not able to sign in to your account even after entering the correct username and password, the chances are that someone hacked your account and changed the password.

In such case you can recover your hacked account by changing the password of your MSN Mail account (if you can access it) or you can reset the password of your account (if you can’t access it).

Change Password

  • Go to your profile name > View account > change password.
  • Provide the information to receive a code and enter the code on the subsequent window to change your password.

 Reset Password

  • Go to Microsoft Sign-in page and enter your username. Click Next.
  • On the next screen, click Forgot my Password link and select option I think someone else is using my Microsoft account on the prompted window. Select reason from the list and click Next.
  • Enter the captcha shown on the next screen and click Next.
  • Select one of the options to receive a security code and enter it on the subsequent screen to reset your new MSN password.

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2.) File Attachment Issue

File attachment failure is another one of the most common issues faced by MSN Mail users. To fix the problem verify your attachment for the following:

  • Make sure the file size is not exceeding the limit allowed in MSN Mail.
  • Remove add-ons or plug-ins from your browser that might be interfering with the file attachment.
  • No special characters should be there in the title of the file to be attached.
  • Make sure any security program like antivirus, firewall settings or internet security is interfering with file attachment. Add exception to MSN Mail if required.
  • Compress the file to Zip if the file extension is the reason for the issue. 

3.) Unable to Find MSN Emails

For Missing Sent Messages

If you are unable to locate the copies of your messages in your Sent Messages folder or in the folders where you stored them, following steps can help you retrieve them back:

  • Select Mail & More option from the icons’ menu locate at the top.
  • Click each of the Sent Messages folders located under Folders on MSN and Folders on your Computer to check if copies of your emails are there.
  • If the emails are not present there, click Help & Settings icon to select E-Mail Settings.
  • Now, Click Email options and ensure that both of these options are checked:

Save a copy of each sent message in the Sent Messages folder

Save a copy of each sent message in the Sent Messages folder on this computer

If both of the options are already checked, and you are unable to see copies of your sent emails in Sent Messages folders, it may be because the emails would have been moved into other folders.

Emails Stored in other Folder

  • Select every folder that you find under your inbox in Folders on MSN and also under Folders on my computer.
  •  If you remember details about the email, you can search for particular email by selecting the Mail & More. Click Find a specific message and enter the details in fields like From, Subject, or Message.
  • Click Find Now and check the displayed result.

So these are some of the MSN Mail’s common issues along with their solution that users generally face and look answer for.

For any other issues in your MSN Mail, you can always seek professional assistance. or contact on MSN customer tech support help desk phone number .