How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail?

Finding Gmail better than Yahoo mail account? Do you want to access all your emails in Gmail? The benefit of setting up a Yahoo mail account in Gmail allows all newly messages arrive in Gmail account.

The way to access Yahoo mail in Gmail is:

  • In the beginning, you need to access Yahoo! Mail from Gmail
  • It is mandatory to have a current Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription.
  • Then you need to click the Settings gear in Gmail.
  • Now, choose Settings from the menu that appears on the computer system screen.
  • And you have to go to the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Enter Add a POP3 mail account.
  • Simply type your Yahoo! Mail address.
  • Enter Next Step ».
  • Tap your complete Yahoo! Mail address under Username.
  • And type Yahoo! Mail password.
  • Make certain that your is chosen.
  • And check that your 995 is selected under Port.
  • You have to check Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server.

Note: Don’t forget to use a secure connection when retrieving mail is checked.

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  • Check Label incoming messages and choose a label for making emails downloaded from Yahoo! Mail.
  • Also check Archive incoming messages for creating archived copies of new Yahoo! Mail messages.
  • Enter Add Account.
  • I want to be able to send mail as needs to be selected.
  • Enter Next Step ».
  • You have to enter the name you want to come into view in the From category.
  • Treat as an alias should be checked.
  • In case you want that the replies to messages you have send from Gmail using Yahoo address should go to an address dissimilar from Yahoo! Mail address:
  • Enter specify a different "reply-to" address.
  • You can type the desired address for answers.
  • Enter Next Step.
  • Send via SMTP servers is chosen.
  • You need to enter "".
  • See 465 is selected.
  • Enter Yahoo! Mail address under.
  • Type Yahoo! Mail password.
  • Secured connection using SSL must be selected.
  • Enter Add Account.
  • Now you have to Send Verification in case you are prompted.
  • You have to open the email from "Gmail Team " with the subject "Gmail Confirmation - Send Mail as ___" sent to Yahoo mail address.
  • Carefully copy the confirmation code.
  • It’s time to paste the code and verify the confirmation code.
  • Finally, click Verify.

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Conclusion: Gmail is ready to handle all your Yahoo mails.



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