Unable To Receive Or Compose Mail On Yahoo?

Yahoo Mail is widely used for both professional and personal use. Being one of the oldest email service providers, Yahoo Mail is a reliable and feature-rich email service provider. However, sometimes users experience a problem in receiving or composing mail on their Yahoo Mail account. This can be quite frustrating in case you need to compose or receive an email urgently.


If you are having such issues with your Yahoo mail account, simply follow the below mentioned instructions:


Steps to Fix Issue of Receiving or Composing Email on Yahoo


Sometimes, Yahoo filters email as junk mail and store them into a folder titled Bulk instead of Inbox. You can resolve the issue by following these steps:


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A.) If you are not receiving emails


1.) Sign into your Yahoo Mail account and click on the gear icon located on the upper right side of the Yahoo Mail page.


2.) Select Settings option, a new window will appear.


3.) Under Settings window, click on Filters option located on the left side.


4.) Under Filters option, click on Add button. Now, you need to name the Filter, give a title like Safe List (you can name it anything).


5.) After that, you will need to enter the domain under From field box like abcd.com. Select match case if you want the Yahoo to filter mail strictly with the exact domain. Do the same for To/CC, Subject and Body field box (if you wish to).


6.) After that, select the option Inbox where it reads Then move the message to this folder


7.) Once done, click on Save button. Now all your future emails from the specified domain will land in Inbox folder.


8.) In case you are still not receiving an email in the Inbox, check your Bulk folder to see if the email was again filtered there. If it was, then open the email and click on option Not Spam button located at the lower part of the Window. The email (including the future emails) will be moved to Inbox folder automatically.


B.) If you are not able to compose emails


1.) When you are not able to compose emails in your Yahoo Mail account, you should always scan your computer for any virus or bugs. Install a reliable antivirus and scan your system completely for Virus, Malware, and Adware.


2.) After that, make sure you remove any unnecessary data from your system including internet temporary files, cookies, cache, history, saved password and other web information. Also, delete any duplicate files.


3.) Also, run Disk Clean, Check Disk and Disk Defragmenter. You can also use registry cleaner if you have it. Restart your system


4.) Performing this action once every month will help maintain the performance of your computer. This will not only help in fixing email composing issue but also prevent other common issues on your computer.


5.) Once done with the above steps, check your Yahoo Mail, the problem should get solved.


In case, the problem is still not resolved, it is suggested to allow our yahoo technical support live chat with expert team to look into the issue and come up with the appropriate solution for the problem. To contact us simply:


  • Call us on our 24-hour toll-free number.
  • Drop us an email. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly.
  • Have a live chat with our technical engineer.

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